Rules & Faqs

Ground Rules

  1. SHAVINGS- No outside shavings can be used.

  2. PARKING - No parking in marked fire lanes or no parking zones.

  3. PARKING Horse Trailers - No Horse trailers can be parked in barn areas. All trailers that are disconnected from pull vehicle must be parked in west parking lot.

  4. PARKING Barns - No vehicles parked in barn area except for customers who rent barn.

  5. PARKING Barns - Vehicles allowed to park in barn areas must not block drive between barns or park in front of barns on main road.

  6. PARKING Barns - Vehicles permitted in barn area must only park by barns they have rented. Cannot block any other barns or access roads.

  7. RV AREA Animals - At no time can animals be in the RV areas.

  8. RV AREA Trailer/Vehicle - No trailer/vehicle parking in RV areas other than occupants/renters of said RV site.

  9. WORKING from Trailers - All persons working from trailers must be in designated areas (east parking lot up against arena, west parking lot, field east).

  10. CAMPING - Any primitive camping must only be in designated field area. Cannot be in RV areas or barns.

  11. GENERATORS - No running of generators in RV or barn area.

  12. RV Site Renting - If RV sites are available for renting, anyone choosing to primitive camp, overnight in designated areas, a fee will be charged.

  13. DAMAGES - Any damage caused in any area will be a charge to the event for repair.

  14. STALL OCCUPANCY - Only one horse per stall is permitted.

  15. BARN MODIFICATIONS - No modifications to barns can be made without arena management prior approval. If modifications are made without approval, renter and/or event will be accessed a fine and cost of repair.


Morgan County Arena

What is the size of the arena floor?
The Celebration Arena floor is 150 ft by 300 ft.

Is there a covered warm-up area? If so, what size?
Yes, the arena does have a covered warm-up area. The size is 50 ft by 150 ft. We also offer a 105′ by 180′ warm-up pen.

What is the arena’s seating capacity?
The seating capacity is 4000 general admission and 1000 VIP.

Are vendor booths available?
The arena has 24 permanent vendor booths available for any event.

Morgan County Arena

How many cars can be parked on the arena grounds?
The arena has a parking capacity of 2500 cars.

How many camper sites are available?
The arena grounds has 98 camper sites available for events.

How many stalls are located on the arena grounds?
There is 600+ stalls available for events. The stalls are currently undergoing remodeling so this may vary at the moment but should always be 600+.

Does the arena have a concession stand area?
The arena has a concession stand area adjacent to the arena floor.

Morgan County Arena

Is the arena handicap accessible?
The arena has entrances that are handicap accessible. The arena also has seating that is handicap accessible.

What is the loading door size for the arena?
The arena has a rear door that is 14 ft by 20 ft. The door is located in the rear of the arena.

Does the arena provide a sound system?

The arena is equipped with a high-quality sound and PA system.

How far is the arena from I-65?
The arena is about 2 miles from the I-65 exit heading south on Hwy 67.


67 Horse Center Road
Decatur, AL 36503


Phone: 256-584-6725


Sunday Closed
Monday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM–5:00 PM
Saturday Closed

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